Apr 6, 2021


Trust me, I have been to the Caribbean and I must admit that the sea colour of the Balearic islands is similar. They represent the perfect prototype of a tropical destination: white sand, palm trees and holiday vibes. If you google Ses Illetes in Formentera, Es Trenc in Mallorca, Cala Salada in Ibiza and Cala en Turqueta in Minorca you will get an idea of its beauty.

You can choose between relaxing under your beach umbrella, sipping a cocktails while lying on a chair of an exclusive beach club, but if you need action even on holiday, you have plenty of options.

Aquatic sports lovers can practice kite-surf, paddling, jet-ski and – last but not least – scuba diving. In all the islands it is easy to spot marine wildlife formed of octopuses, groupers, barracudas, mantas, sea-basses and sargos.

Menorca sea

Go and explore the seabed’s of the natural reserves of Dragonera and Cabrera, two small islands just in front of Mallorca, reachable with a half-an-hour boat trip – you won’t believe your eyes!

And what about naturism? Rules vary depending on the island: while, for example, in Formentera there’s no regulation and nude people mix comfortably with the ones wearing bathing suits, Mallorca allows nudism only in specific beaches such as Playa el Mago and Cala Mesquida.

You will get dark in any case, whether with or without your bikini tan lines


We all know that a little party never killed nobody, so try to imagine what will happen after the pandemic in the worldwide known clubbers’ favorite island. So, if you have not had the chance to dance to the rhythm of the top DJs of the techno scene, I bet that more than one year deprived of clubs would be a sufficient reason to book your trip to Ibiza.

El Row in Amnesia


It does not matter what time your flight lands: the island never sleeps. As soon as the sun starts hiding in the sea (considered quite a ritual to share with other visitors in magic places like Cala Comte), the party can start. A copa of sangria in a chill-out bar in San Antoni is one of the best ways to get ready, a good dinner in the old town is necessary to give you the energies to jump until the morning in Pacha, Destino, Amnesia– just to name some – and check the after party if you are not tired yet.

If you prefer to shake your hips in the shining light of the sun there are plenty of options as well: you can’t miss Ushuaia day parties or the Sunday’s fiestas in a delicious hippie hut right at the end of Ses salines beach, where you can also eat very good fish at a decent price.

But why is the Ibiza experience so unique? Firstly, it can be very hard to choose among the huge quantity of parties available every day, all hosting the best DJs in the world in amazing locations with incredible sound systems. Do not be afraid of the massive crowd, there’s a/c in all indoor clubs!

Moreover, what makes the nights on the island simply unforgettable is a mix of light effects and choreography (one for all, the circus-inspired itinerant party hosted in Amnesia) that will drag you in a daydream where everything seems possible.

And if Covid-19 hasn’t transformed you into a party animal yet, don’t worry, Ibiza is much more than that: crystal clear water, hippie vibes, lovely villages to discover and much more!



While all the islands can offer wonderful paths with outstanding views on the sea, such as Cala de Sant Vicent in Ibiza, in Mallorca it is also possible to climb a mountain or walk around the romantic countryside.

You will be impressed by the variety of landscapes harmoniously mixed, many of which are possible to reach on foot. The Archduke’s path in the western part of the island can be quite challenging, but the amazing view it offers is definitely worth the pain!

Summer can be extremely hot and humid, but if you can bear the burning sun there is plenty of trekking routes ending in secret beaches like Playa es Coll Baix in Alcudia, accessible by boat as well.

Even if you have the chance to discover a secret beach on your way, take in account that it is likely that you will not be alone: a friendly brown goat would be probably watching you from the rocks, trying to figure out how to steal your food (they can eat everything – packaging included!).

In general, the excursions are quite simple and children friendly, just bear in mind that it can be difficult to find a parking space in high season. Anyway, remember that normally the Spanish don’t like to wake up early and try to get there before them.



If you are the lucky owner of a boat, you probably won’t have to choose among the islands. In the other case it is a tough decision, but I’d recommend Menorca, maybe on board of a llauts, the traditional wood vessel.

This is the best way of enjoying the transparent sea avoiding the mass and the small area of the island gives you the opportunity of exploring every corner without rush.




What I love about sunsets is that everyone is different from the other. I adore the golden hour light and having the opportunity to enjoy it from a sandy beach, hearing the sound of the calm waves is almost a mystical moment.

 If you love chasing the sunset, the best place to be is Formentera, where every beach chiringuito offers a different show to celebrate the moment when the sun goes down. And, of course, don’t forget to toast to it with a mojito!


As anticipated, Ibiza is not just a party island. In fact, a great number of hippie communities keep on choosing this destination. Mostly, they live in the area of Cala Bennirràs, where every Sunday you could get the chance to watch the sunset dancing to the rhythm of their bongo-drums.

But the hippie vibe is everywhere, in Ibiza: you can meet tailors and craftsmen while sunbathing, offering their unique creations which are very difficult to ignore for shopaholics.

It seems that Ibiza itself is pushing you to experience the pure freedom of being one with the universe, there must be something in the air that is very difficult to describe, indeed.

A simple white dress, loose hair and bare feet might help you to get in the role. And, of course, peace & love.



It’s always a good idea to buy something during your holiday that will remind you about the glorious

times when you eat a pizza on your couch watching Netflix. Well, Balearic Islands can also give you the opportunity of finding some hidden gems.

Even if you’re not a shopping fan, visiting a local market is an experience a tourist can’t miss, you will find basically everything, from artworks to animals to food to clothes. Getting lost in a Mercadillo is also a way to get closer to the culture, so make sure you check the week schedule while planning your trip.


It’s just impossible not to fall in love with Valdemossa, Deià, Pollenca, Alcudia and all the other picturesque villages spread in the island. You can breathe the pure air of the surrounding mountains, enjoy the monuments and works of art here and there, wander and get lost in the narrow stone streets.

What I love most about these lovely villages is the colours: it seems that someone painted them with different shades of beige, all harmoniously combined. And I won’t forget to mention the breathtaking views that seem to transport you back in time. This is also true for the countryside, where sheep, horses, olive, almond and orange trees give you a very relaxing sense of peace and disconnection.





For the ones who like to be noticed, Balearic Islands are the place to be. Over the years, Formentera and Ibiza have become two of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the Mediterranean where you can find all sorts of restaurants offering you nice wines and delicatessen.

It is not unusual to meet actors, football players and popstars, you just need to wear your most fashionable outfit and try to get into some private parties. Or, if you are in Mallorca, ask Michael Douglas to invite you in his huge finca in Valldemossa (there must be room for you!)


Every island has it specialty: while it’s most likely to eat fish in Formentera, Mallorca typical food is based on meat. You can find sweet and salty pastry almost everywhere, and it’s very difficult to choose.

Wine lovers would love to visit one of the wineries in Santa Maria del Cami or Benissalem, not far from Palma, and taste the local products. In case you prefer something stronger, don’t miss the famous Menorca Mahon gin, whose bottle representing a typical windmill can easily be converted into a souvenir.

Majorcan typical enseimada

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