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Mar 18, 2021

Often times, Solo travel can be forbearing and self indulgent. It gives freedom for the traveler to feast on any edibles of their choice, spend prudently or extravagantly in a place, tour popular sights, and so much more. Compromises made during solo travel are solely with yourself. You have the freedom to do anything you want without following any laid down  guidelines which is usually upheld in a tourist group. Regardless of your age, travelling alone  can be an enthralling, engaging, and liberal experience. It provides the traveler a chance for development, limitless liberty and self reflection. However,  this experience can feel all new, risky, and intimidating for new travellers. Travelling solo gives room for you to experience the beauty of nature at its peak, most especially for travellers who are nature enthusiast.


Factors to Consider When Traveling Solo


  1.   Safety

Lot of factors should be taken into consideration most especially for solo travel newbies. The top factor on the list is your safety. Although it is advisable to play safe, that should however not prevent you from commencing an exciting adventure. Choosing a safe destination should be of priority to a solo traveler. Some destinations are well tailored for solo travel while others are not. Making use of travel agencies that support solo travel  and travel applications is a great idea when travelling. This will bring you as a traveler lots of safety notifications such as disease prevalence, atmospheric conditions, land slides, etc. These safety notifications will serve as a preamble that will determine your choice of destination.



  1. Basic Knowledge of a Native Language

Having a brief knowledge of a native language might not be very important.  However, it will  go a long way to assist you as a solo traveler if the language spoken in your chosen destination differs from your mother’s tongue. Learning how to say “Hello”, “Please”, “Sorry”, in the native language may endear you to the locals easing the stress you might encounter during your journey. As you are traveling alone, no translator will be available for you. You simply rely on the basic language knowledge you have accumulated. There is a common misconception about solo travel and that is regarding its expense. Some travelers have claimed that travelling solo is very expensive. However, a solution exists to that. A solo traveler should be open shared housing. Lodging in a hotel can be quite expensive. To cut down the costs, the options of hostels, studios and the likes have been made available.


  1.  Weather Condition of Destination of Choice

Having a fore knowledge of your destination’s weather conditions will assist you in preparing for any possible danger in your trip. The weather conditions also serve as a determinant of what you as a traveler should pack in your luggage.


Easy Ways to Facilitate Solo Travels


  1. Shared Housing

Asides from cutting down expenses, shared housing gives room for connection, bonding, and meeting new people. Solo travel can be lonely at times and that is a fact. This is why as a solo traveler,  it’s best of you look into shared housing options rather than lodging in expensive hotels alone. To avoid boredom as a solo traveler, you should challenge yourself by trying out new, seemingly dangerous but safe activities such as skydiving. Challenge yourself, keep spiking your curiosity,  and be liberal enough to get entertained. Statistics has shown that 17% of the older demographic has gone on solo travels in the past five years. Notwithstanding, a considerable percentage of solo travelers were also appealed to the idea of having an escort.


  1. Solo travel Guide

It is advisable for solo travelers to plan a travel guide for easy navigation through their destination of choice. It’s imperative that you first choose the time you’d love to go on a solo trip. Afterwards, choose a destination you’d love to visit as well as the length of time you’ll be there. Planning ahead will give you an insight on what to get beforehand such as visas needed, medical certificates, money value, etc. The finances of a traveler is also a major determinant in destination choice. For example, solo trips around Australia will cost more than trips around India. Hence, it’s vital to note the cost of living and prices of major  services before choosing your destination. A lot of web resources are available for solo travelers to source for appropriate destinations within their expense. South east Asia has been denoted by several travelers as the cheapest continent for solo travelers followed by Central America and South America. New Zealand, Africa,  and Australia are considered to be one of the most expensive destinations for solo travelers.


Trends of Solo Travels in Recent Times

Getting your luggage ready in preparation to travel to another country seems risky at first but once you start, you get hooked. Solo travelers are no longer rate like before. In recent times, people are getting more inclined towards solo travel. There has been a 40% increase in solo travels. This is a sign that the spike in the trend of solo trips will not stop anytime soon. Increase in solo travel trends is not surprising as it offers a lot of benefits which includes enhanced communication, , connection  opportunities, creativity recycling, self reflection, growth, and increased flexibility amongst others. Finding a middle ground between liberality and negotiation, we have come to appreciate the comfort and freedom solo trips give. Testimonies have shown that solo travelers can’t get enough of solo trips. There are several reasons why people embark on solo travels. The why may include study break, career break,  thirst for adventure, vacation, exploration, research, boredom, and the lines. However, some travelers go on such trips due to the difficulty in finding a willing unfamiliar partner who’s got the same amount of free time you have.

A renowned Psychotherapist has made a claim that solo travels actually helps with the mental health of travelers. This claim was established from a sample survey carried out on solo travelers. In his words, “solo travels build up confidence, offers a monogamous break and exposes travelers to diverse opportunities”. Traveling solo might be a difficult decision to make for non-social and introvert travelers. They tend to be shy and anxious. A survey has shown that 71% of travelers regrets missing out on solo travel opportunities.

The young demographic has been seen to be more involved in solo travel over the years. Their agility and curiosity are usually a great motivation for the youths. However, in recent times, older people have been seen to engage in solo travels. One of the downsides of solo travel is the possible dangers to women hikers. The threat towards the feminine gender in foreign places have deterred women from traveling solo. Recently, the attitude of women towards solo travel has geared up as most take precautionary measures when traveling. Solo travel is best for taking breaks and unwinding from the rigors of life’s stress.

By Angela Belmonte

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